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  1. Hi guys,

    I have recently took over the missions department at our church in Billings, MT. Our church is Faith Chapel, size of about 3000 people. We are looking to expand our missionary field with some closer options to America. We know that New Life CHurch in Washington is doing some work down there, and would love to find out if there would be room to partner with a church/missionaries in Haiti.

    Our heart is to come along side with doctors/builders/pastors to build long-term relationship.

    Please let me know if you have any information or interest!

    Blessings to you!

    • Hi Ryan

      My name is Mark and I am Team Coordinator here for Foursquare Haiti. We are so very excited about new churches looking to partner with what God is doing in Haiti through Foursquare. I came here three times in 2010 after the earthquake and then moved here in December 2010 to serve full time. This past year has been such a blessing working with the Haitians along with teams from all over the USA. We have projects going in so many places throughout Haiti. You can see much of what we are doing on our website Look it over and after you have reviewed the website, email me at our base camp address – Separately I will send a Team Leader packet to review as you consider serving here. It gives some of the details of planning a short term mission trip to work with us. I know you will be blessed and Haiti will be blessed by your service here.

      Long term partnering is also very high on our priorities as the needs here are huge and will be ongoing for many years to come. We have a number of churches who have been here four or more times in the last two years and some have made long term commitments to specific churches, schools or orphanages we are involved with.

      Feel free to ask any questions you want via the above email address, or you can call me in Haiti at 509-3863-3028 (there’s an extra digit in Haiti phone numbers).

      God bless you and your church as you pray about serving in Haiti. Last year we had over 60 different teams come to serve. Hope this year you are one of those teams !!

      Mark Olson
      Team Coordinator
      Foursquare Haiti

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